Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bird's Eye Aerial Video Sample

Here's a sample of the bird's eye aerial view work we do.

Note that the quality is lower than what we would create for you. This has been compressed to make it faster to upload.

This was done on a day when it was too windy to be flying, but it was done anyways. I waited 3 days to film it, then gave up on waiting to get a calm day! You can see the drone fighting the wind quite a bit. On calm days it's even stabler than it is here, and it isn't jerky.

There's a huge variety of things we can do with this, this is a relatively simple strafing sample. A great ideas for aerial video includes gliding down your driveway, sidewalk, and up to the front door.

We can also handle professional level video editing, to patch together the many different clips that we take for you.

Let us help you market your real estate in Central Wisconsin with our amazing technology!

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